Modular Assembly

Large scale modular projects contain a great deal of detail. Phoenix Industrial’s Modular facility in Edmonton can provide the attention to detail that your project deserves. Phoenix Industrial is committed to using practices that increase your return on investment through visibility, value and accountability.

Success with Phoenix Industrial
Value Added Services
When it comes to successful projects it is most often the little extras that make the difference. Whether it is tight quality control procedures or an industry leading document control system the value added services can make or break your project. Phoenix Industrial focusing on these value added services while maintaining the fundamentals of project management.
Leading Edge Technologies
Our proprietary ERP system, leading edge design software and state of the art document control systems provide us with the tools to deliver industry leading visibility, value and accountability. Armed with these technologies our project teams can keep a close eye on all project resources, giving them the power to make timely and effective decisions.
Integrated Project Approach
As a full line service provider, Phoenix Industrial is able to offer full project integration throughout multiple facets of your project. Resources can be managed from design to completions or any where in between. Phoenix Industrial is flexible to work within your projects scope.
Industry Leading Labour Force
Phoenix Industrial continues to make strategic investments in our Human Resources department. Our labour force is directly connected to our success and we take it very seriously. We continuously maintain a strong database of accredited trades people and project team members. Many key employees are identified and maintained to ensure the consistency of our service.