Workface Planning

The Construction Owners Association of Alberta has found that large construction projects, like those in the Alberta oil sands, have large over runs, due in part to insufficient planning and resource-related issues. It is estimated that WorkFace Planning (WFP) can improve labour efficiency by 25%, which would result in a 10% savings on overall construction costs.

Phoenix Industrial has extensive experience with WFP and provides this service to all projects. We are capable of using various WFP software platforms based on the clients needs. The benefits of using the WFP method include; the optimal use of materials and equipment, a decrease in lost inventory, greater predictability, lower costs, increased productivity and improved safety performance.

Our WFP services provide our clients and contractors with an accurate view of the project scope and schedule, from project start to project finish. At any time we can provide valuable information, based on confirmed productivity in the field, such as project end dates, manpower curves and system and sub-system commissioning dates.